Alumni Board

Alumni Board

Alumni Board Activities at SSBM Geneva

The Alumni Board at SSBM Geneva comprises dedicated alumni volunteers who play a crucial role in serving the institution. Their responsibilities extend to advising the school, contributing to the development of alumni activities, and serving as a vital liaison between the school and its alumni.

One of the primary goals of the SSBM Geneva Alumni Board is to foster a lasting connection with SSBM Geneva graduates. This connection is nurtured through a diverse range of alumni-focused initiatives, programs, reunions, and career resources. Staying in touch with the alma mater is not just an option but a vibrant and ongoing engagement that reaps mutual benefits.


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Alumni Board Members

  • Stela Koleva – President

  • Marvillano Mochtar

  • Anita Andziak

  • Jalil Abdul Zahir

  • Marko Smolek

  • Asif Chowdhury

  • Ameya Munagekar

  • Annie Ryden

  • Martina Dragičević

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Alumni Engagement Initiatives

  • Information Hub: The Alumni Board ensures that SSBM Geneva graduates are well-informed about the latest developments, achievements, and opportunities within the school. Regular updates are disseminated through newsletters, emails, and online platforms.

  • Programs and Workshops: Lifelong learning is at the heart of the alumni experience. The Alumni Board organizes various programs and workshops, providing a platform for continuous skill development, knowledge sharing, and professional growth.

  • Reunions: Reconnecting with fellow graduates is a cherished tradition at SSBM Geneva. The Alumni Board takes pride in organizing reunions that bring together graduates from different cohorts, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences.

  • Career Resources: Alumni are encouraged to leverage the career resources provided by the school. The Alumni Board collaborates with career services to ensure that graduates have access to job postings, networking events, and mentorship opportunities.

Beyond Professional Development:

Recognizing the importance of a well-rounded alumni experience, the SSBM Geneva Alumni Board extends its reach beyond the professional realm.

  • Social Events: Alumni are invited to participate in various social events held globally. From casual meet-ups to formal gatherings, these events offer a chance for graduates to reconnect, share stories, and forge new connections.

  • Parties and Celebrations: Periodic parties and celebrations mark milestones and achievements, creating an atmosphere of joy and festivity among the SSBM Geneva alumni community.

  • Barbecues and Outdoor Gatherings: Embracing the spirit of community, the Alumni Board organizes outdoor events such as barbecues, picnics, and recreational activities. These gatherings provide a relaxed environment for alumni and their families to enjoy each other’s company.

The Alumni Board strongly believes that these multifaceted activities contribute not only to the personal and professional growth of individual graduates but also to the continuous enhancement of the SSBM Geneva community as a whole. Through active engagement, the Alumni Board strives to create a vibrant and supportive network that stands the test of time.