Career Development

Career Development

At SSBM Geneva, we believe in empowering our students not only with academic excellence but also with the skills and knowledge essential for a successful career. Our commitment to nurturing well-rounded professionals is evident through the array of Career Development initiatives we organize.

1. Weekly Workshops on CV Development and Employment Strategies: Our campus in Geneva pulsates with energy every week as we host workshops dedicated to honing the art of CV development and formulating effective strategies for securing employment in the Swiss job market. These sessions, led by seasoned professionals and career experts, provide invaluable insights and practical tips to help our students stand out in the competitive job landscape.

2. Monthly Courses by Renowned Speakers: To further enrich our students’ understanding of the dynamic professional world, we bring in renowned speakers every month to conduct specialized courses. These experts, with their wealth of experience, share unique perspectives, industry trends, and success stories that serve as a guiding light for our students’ career journeys.

3. Annual Career Days: A highlight on our calendar is the Annual Career Days, a flagship event that brings together students and leading employers. This platform facilitates networking, mentorship opportunities, and direct interactions between our students and companies seeking top-tier talent. It is a golden opportunity for students to explore diverse career paths and make connections that can shape their future endeavors.

4. Monthly Industrial Visits for Internship and Job Opportunities: Understanding the significance of practical exposure, we organize monthly industrial visits that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. These visits are meticulously designed to expose students to real-world scenarios, covering internship and job opportunities. At the conclusion of each visit, students have the chance to explore potential career paths and initiate connections with industry professionals.

At SSBM Geneva, our commitment to the holistic development of our students extends beyond academic excellence. Our Career Development initiatives are strategically crafted to provide the tools, knowledge, and connections necessary for a successful and fulfilling professional journey. We believe in empowering our students not just to find jobs but to embark on fulfilling careers that align with their aspirations and potential.

On-going activities

  • CV workshops: every tuesday workshop on CV development and strategies for securing employment in Switzerland
  • Industrial visits: WIPO Industrial visit, Patek Phillip, etc…
  • Career Days: organised once per month

CERN Visit

Nestle Visit

World Trade Organisation Visit

WIPO Visit