Charity @ SSBM Geneva

At SSBM Geneva, the spirit of charity is woven into the fabric of our community. Embracing the belief that prosperity comes with a responsibility to uplift others, the Charity program at SSBM Geneva is a conduit for transforming compassion into tangible action.

Through a variety of initiatives, students, faculty, and alumni unite to support causes that resonate with our shared values. From fundraising drives and awareness campaigns to direct involvement in charitable projects, the SSBM Geneva community actively contributes to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Charity at SSBM Geneva goes beyond financial contributions; it is a commitment to empathy, solidarity, and the belief that small acts of kindness can create a ripple effect of meaningful change.

By participating in the Charity program, individuals at SSBM Geneva not only contribute to the welfare of others but also cultivate a spirit of benevolence that enriches both personal and collective experiences within the SSBM Geneva community.

Charity at SSBM

Recent activities

  • SSBM organized Holiday Greetings to all children to sell and buy presents for children I Geneva hospital
    • During December 2023, SSBM students organized a commendable action to help sick children by organizing Holiday Greetings to all children cards sale. With the collected funds, our students will buy presents that they will give to the children when visiting them in the hospital.
  • Donations for Turkey earthquake in 2023
    • SSBM Geneva supported aid initiative at and we encourage the SSBM Geneva community to raise awareness of these issues as much as possible.
  • SSBM donates to Myanmar Bago Region affected by floods
    • SSBM as an Emergency Responder donated  financial funds  to help the residents of the Bago Region in Myanmar, which was severely affected by the floods. Organized by Myanmar Institute of Business, SSBM students as volunteers actively participated in the food distribution to people affected by floods
  • SSBM helps to socially vulnerable children in Croatia
    • During December 2023, through the SSBM volunteer program, 20 of our employees actively participated in packing Christmas packages for poor and neglected children. By signing a donation agreement with the  Society for improving the quality of life of poor and neglected children “Little Dragon“, SSBM additionaly helped the association financially in order to continue their work in improving the quality of life of poor and neglected children