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We at SSBM Geneva pride ourselves in delivering high quality standards and learning experience to our students. We have provided new high-quality computers for the needs of IT classes as we as general research. Additionally, this equipment will aid other courses whose teaching units are enhanced by working with computers, such as Cyber ​​Security, Business Intelligence, etc.

We at SSBM Geneva stand behind our core values and invest in Education and Equipment in order to provide Swiss Quality Education and Excellence. Our campuses over many modern, technologically advanced spaces, designer-equipped lecture halls and lounge rooms for students. In addition to this we also offer study and research rooms, canteens, rooms for multimedia needs, conference rooms for networking, rooftop space, etc.

Relying on Swiss standards of educational excellence, another added value should be highlighted in the form of a real-time teaching streaming system, video storage for retroactive viewing, as well as an online learning management system modeled after institutions such as Harvard and MIT.