Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Our fully-accredited executive coaching provides a supportive space for senior managers to explore their management style and its potential business impact. Customized to suit the manager’s role and organisation, coaching covers a wide range of leadership challenges from organisational culture and change to teamwork and relationships. All our coaches undergo regular supervision, are continually supported and work within our agreed code of ethics. For those who wish to become a coach, we also offer a Masters in Executive Coaching.

Executive Coaching is confidential, one-to-one, conversation with a trusted outsider. Conversations are typically focused on knowledge, skills and work performance. Coaching offers a personalized approach to meeting today’s challenges and gives you time and space to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Explore your management style and its potential business impact.


  • Our Approach: For us, it is a question of chemistry. The only way coaching can have a high impact is if the relationship between coach and coachee is based on trust and mutual respect. Organisations and teams can choose from a portfolio of coaches, and then we set up a chemistry meeting to ensure that the relationship will work for both parties.
  • Our Coaches: Our global network of coaches are accredited by SSBM and are affiliated with an international accredited coaching body and are committed to ongoing coaching supervision. In most cases our coaches can deliver sessions in the local language, ensuring the coachee can fully understand the conversation and get the best out of it.

Standard coaching package includes:

  • Access to a selection of coaches around the world
  • A free introduction video call or meeting
  • Up to 10-12 hours of face-to-face or virtual coaching
  • Concluding discussion between the coach, coachee and sponsor (e.g. line manager, HR)
  • Evaluation of impact

Coaching can also be arranged on an ad hoc, one-off basis and as part of our leadership development programs. SSBM also works with global corporate on worldwide coaching agreements and would be happy to discuss the various ways that we can work with your business, to suit your needs and that of your workforce.


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