1. What is the MBA?
The MBA is an online Master of Business Administration degree program from the SSBM Geneva school. Our campus or online programs provide learners with a great amount of flexibility.

2. What types of MBA programs you offer?
We offer different MBA programs. For more information please visit this link.

3. What is DBA?
The DBA is a campus or online Doctor of Business Administration degree program delivered by the SSBM Geneva school. DBA program is taking place in Geneva, Switzerland or Online and can be completed within 24 months. We offer an innovative DBA program with a great deal of flexibility.

4. How long does it take to complete MBA program?
MBA program completion depends on the selected MBA program. See here for more details.

5. How long it takes to complete DBA program?
DBA program can be completed within 24 months.

6. What is the price of the MBA program?
Geneva campus MBA programs tuition fees can be found HERE. Zagreb campus MBA programs tuition fees can be found HERE. Online MBA programs tuition fees can be found HERE.

7. What is the price of the DBA program?
Geneva campus DBA program fees can be found HERE. Online DBA prices can be found HERE.

8. Is SSBM Geneva accredited?
SSBM Geneva is ACBSP accredited and has EduQua cerrtifcation! We are registered in the Geneva canton, Switzerland. We offer superior Swiss education. You can find all the details about our registration and incorporation at the following address.

9. What is SSBM Geneva’s ranking?
SSBM Geneva ranks among the top business schools. We are using state of the art technology used by Harvard and MIT and are focused on providing an innovative learning experience.

10. Do you offer alternative payment options?
Yes – Flexible payment schedules are available on demand – you will be contacted by our administration after applying with our application form.

11. When do I have to choose your specialization for the MBA program?

You can choose your specialization at any time, either at the beginning or in the middle of the program. 

12. Do the programs have a specific schedule/ course program?

For the online programs there is no specific schedule. The program is fully flexible and the students can go through the courses in any order. For the campus-based program there is a fixed schedule that the students will be provided with. 

13. Are the lectures pre-recorded or are there any live lectures?

All online courses are pre-recorded. However, there are often live workshops/masterclasses organized.

14. Are there any interactions possible with other students?

The campus-based programs offer interaction with students at every lecture, whereas the online programs offer students to discuss various topics on our SSBM Connect platform. 

15. Will I have a personal tutor?

Each student will receive a personal advisor once they are enrolled in the program. The personal advisor is here to support you regarding any administrative issues or general questions regarding the program.

16. Will I receive a paper certificate after graduation?

Each student will receive their certificate by email as well as we can send the paper certificate by postal mail.

17. How can I access the online learning platform?

Once you are officially enrolled, we will provide you with all the details, instructions and your login information.