Global Innovation Hub

Ureka Global Innovation Hub

SSBM Geneva has signed partnership Ureka Global Innovation Hub which is a dynamic non-profit international organization dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of innovation across diverse sectors, including government entities, corporations, start-ups, universities, and individuals.

UGIH’s overarching mission is to foster a global network of innovation centres, uniting entities from around the world to jointly pursue unparalleled opportunities in the following key domains:

  1. Impact Generation: UGIH is committed to driving both social and commercial impact through innovation. It serves as a catalyst for positive change by facilitating the development and implementation of ground breaking ideas.
  2. Networking Excellence: Through UGIH, members gain access to an extensive and influential network of innovators, thought leaders, and experts, promoting fruitful connections, collaborations, and partnerships.
  3. Investment Facilitation: UGIH plays a pivotal role in connecting innovators with potential investors, facilitating financial support for promising projects and ventures. It has access to the USD 1 million early-stage startup fund from Ureka Ventures.
  4. Knowledge Exchange: UGIH fosters a vibrant environment for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, promoting continuous learning and the cross-pollination of expertise among its diverse membership.
  5. New Market Expansion and Entry: UGIH equips its members with the tools and resources needed to explore new markets, expand their reach, and successfully enter untapped territories.
  6. Research and Development: UGIH serves as a hub for cutting-edge research and development activities, driving innovation across multiple sectors and catalysing the creation of ground breaking technologies and solutions.

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