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Global MBA

Global MBA
Master of Business Administration

Global MBA (Zagreb, Croatia)

Next Intakes
– November 2024 (OPEN)

Global MBA takes place in Zagreb, Croatia in collaboration with Deloitte. As a leading multinational professional services network, often called one of the “Big Four” accounting organizations, Deloitte brings unparalleled expertise and prestige to our program.

MBA focuses on 3 key areas that deal with global aspects:




On top of the 10 core courses you have to complete, we also offer 10 optional/elective courses that you can attend. Some of the topics include The continued rise of AI, Feeding a culture transformation , Keeping up with the data eruption, Robots, Increased value for human skills, Automation drives new skill shifts, Ethics challenges for leaders and businesses.

Overall, Global MBA is composed of 10 core courses and 15 elective courses (complete list of taught courses can be found here MBA Program Curriculum) that will be taught by leading experts from Deloitte or other business partners.




1. Global and International Management
2. Human Resource Management
3. Global Finance & Banking
4. Marketing

Specialization is dependent on the selected elective courses


12 Months
24 to 34 Extended Weekend Lectures
10 Core Courses + 15 Elective Courses (student must choose 2-4 elective courses for the program)
24 Contact Hours per Course
Lectures are held on Fridays/Saturdays
min. 60 ECTS Credits
Taught in English

Specialization is dependent on the selected elective courses (at least 2)

There are 15 elective courses to select from for the specialization that deal with following topics*:

• Strategic Risk Management (elective for Global MBA, mandatory for Executive MBA)
• Tax Management (elective for Global MBA, mandatory for Executive MBA)
• Private Equity and venture capital
• Trading
• Company valuation and M&A
• Digital Gatekeepers
• I as a Leader
• Risk Management
• AI for Managers
• Business Intelligence
• Cross Cultural Management
• Customer Data Driven Marketing
• Strategic Marketing
• Business English

* final list of available seminars is subject to change

Our Global MBA will help you to be prepared to assume senior level management roles in a variety of organizations and industries. Many of our graduates are currently employed in the following roles: Director, CEO, Vice President, Senior Management, Owner / Partner, Entrepreneur, HR Expert, etc.

Overall Global MBA brings the following aspects to your career development:

  • Conduct professional competency building activities
  • Acquire global orientation
  • Develop real life problem solving abilities
  • Provide practical orientation to management theory
  • Get a holistic and strategic understanding of business
  • Implement innovative and creative thinking
  • See entrepreneurship in action
  • Acquire collaborative mindset
Global MBA
Tuition Fees

Global MBA

Global MBA was designed in partnership with Deloitte.

The Global MBA program is offered in English, brings a minimum of 60 ECTS credits, and is organised into core courses and elective courses. Earn your Global MBA in 12 months while continuing to work and building your on-the-job experience. Program takes place in Zagreb, Croatia.

The practical relevance and applicability of the curriculum are the focal point of this postgraduate program. The Global MBA’s course contents cover a broad spectrum of relevant management topics, such as corporate finance, global business environment, leadership, marketing and communications, supply chain management and strategy. During your studies, you will gain access to productive practice-based projects and learn to apply the curriculum directly to real life.

All of the lectures are following high standards and are delivered by our professors or Deloitte lecturers. Our professors will keep you engaged, motivated and will provide high quality teaching experience so you leverage your professional development and advance your career.

Tuition Fees

Global MBA: 7.000 EUR

Blended  Global MBA: 6.500 EUR

This price include all costs. There are no other costs that you have to pay for.

We offer various scholarship opportunities. We invite you to carefully check which one can apply to you.


– Undergraduate degree (Bachelor) from a recognized university or equivalent

– Minimum of two years‘ work experience

– Grade transcripts

– Your CV or resume

– ID or passport copy

– One photo

Cancellation fee (Zagreb site)
If Student is forced to cancel the program due to visa denial, all payments and deposits will be returned
subject to the cancellation fee of 1.500 EUR which will be retained.

Student will need to present an official document issued by authorities demonstrating the visa denial.


Global MBA curriculum is composed of 11 core topics + 15 elective courses that you can attend. The student must choose 2-4 elective courses for the program. We organize elective courses in collaboration with Deloitte and different industry partners on specific topics relevant to global business and management challenges.

Full list of 11 core and 15 elective courses can be found here: MBA Program Curriculum

* final list of available seminars is subject to change

What our students say?

  • Adina Grecu

    “It is a great experience and I truly appreciate this chance that I have received, to study at SSBM Geneva, one of the top 10 European Business Schools offering online MBAs”.
    Adina Grecu, Head of Digital & Online Marketing , Switzerland

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  • Katarina Lasic

    “I completed the Executive MBA program and it has been quite an experience. I have enjoyed myself and my expectations have been exceeded”.
    Katarina Lasic, Finance Director, Novo Nordisk

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  • Alex E. Asampong

    “SSBM is highly efficient regarding information, assistance and all tools one needs to accomplish study successfully. Undoubtedly, I am very proud of my excellent experience with SSBM”.
    Alex E. Asampong, Lecturer Utrecht University, Netherlands

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  • David Annan

    “It was a great experience and I want to thank entire SSBM for an amazing support during my thesis. I’m also proud to be part of DBA mentors after I finished my DBA journey”.
    David Annan, Author and Lecturer, Kazakhstan

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  • Elisa Simeoni

    “SSBM offers high level education with experienced professors and effective learning. This is a great opportunity to boost my career and invest in quality education”
    Elisa Simeoni, Talent Manager, i-surance, France

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  • Aser Matter

    “The greatest benefit of the program was much more than the “piece of paper”…Thanks to the SSBM for the MBA program, I know that I have all of the tools to be a successful and ethical leader.”
    Aser Mater, Director, Jaz Hotel Group

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  • Apostol Georgiev

    “Studying at SSBM Geneva has been extremely impactful for the way I look at business organizations. There are so many things I’ve learned…”
    Apostol Georgiev, Risk consultant at Wells Fargo

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  • Lisa Tamilia

    “I am very impressed with my experience in the DBA program! It is also a great network and collaboration with a professional network of great students around the globe”
    Business Instructor, USA

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  • Rohini Ghavari

    “I’m very happy with the support of my mentor. It is really amazing and I’m enjoying my journey.”
    Rohini Ghavari, DBA Student, India

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  • Abraham G Melgar

    “All the programs at SSBM have been wonderful and the teachers were extremely helpful. In my specific case, the course that helped me pay for the entire MBA degree and set the foundation for my financial well-being in life is the finance course at SSBM”
    Abraham Melgar, Country Sales Manager, Bolivia

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Zagreb (Croatia) instructional site

Lectures are taking place at our Zagreb campus located at Savska Cesta 106.


Some of the companies our MBA students come from

Check our gallery with student interviews, photos and latest graduation ceremonies.

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Networking is one of our core strategic directions.

SSBM has signed a strategic partnership with MBA Croatia enabling of SSBM MBA students to become members of the MBA Croatia Alumni Club. This will provide to our MBA students new networking opportunities to connect with peers from same but also different industries as one of SSBM’s main objective is to have diverse student body.

MBA Croatia is the leading alumni club in the Adriatic region that has the mission to create better society.

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