Immersion Programs

The Immersion Programs offer a unique and enriching experience where participants will explore Switzerland through company visits, guest lectures on various topics, city tours, day trips, weekend excursions, and a plethora of social activities organized by SSBM Geneva.

Immersion Program in Geneva, Switzerland

The Immersion Program​ is open to companies, universities, schools, and any other institution that aims at exploring business, innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, sustainability, hospitality or any other topics through company visits and guest lectures on various topics.

Example of an Immersion Program

5 Days immersion program:


  • Lectures – Swiss way – business, economic and political environment
  • Lectures – Digital Transformation
  • Lectures – Strategic Leadership
  • Lectures – Financial Management
  • Lectures – Sustainability Development 


  • Olympic Museum Visit
  • Visit to CERN
  • UEFA visit
  • Patek Philippe Museum visit
  • Nestle (Swiss multinational food and drink company)
  • WIPO (World Intellecual Property Organisation)
  • Medtronics (Global Leader in Medical Technology)
  • etc.

Geneva- a premier cosmopolitan hub

With three official languages and a population made up of over 190 nationalities, Geneva is a premier cosmopolitan hub spot for business, international relations, and tourism.

Location: Geneva Business Center

About Geneva

Home to the headquarters of numerous international firms, Geneva is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city that offers both a great quality of life and outstanding business opportunities.

Geneva Business Center

Geneva Business Center location offers easy access by whichever mode of transport you choose. Cycle paths and a comprehensive public transport network mean getting to and from the GBC by sustainable transport couldn’t be easier. Its location close to the motorway also makes it easy to reach by car from the center of town (12min), Cornavin railway station (15min) and Geneva International Airport (10min).

The SSBM Geneva Immersion Program is an in-country unique experience that gives participants an intensive introduction to the business and economy of a dynamic Swiss market.

Designed to emulate the unique Swiss experience, the program provides access to a broad range of managerial and leadership expertise and resources through lectures, workshops, seminars.

The program is customized and adapted to every participant group.




Company Visits

Sight Seeing

Customized program

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