Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance System

SSBM Geneva Quality Assurance System

Our Quality Assurance Strategy uniquely defines our quality assurance elements and both short-term and long-term quality improvements. Quality Assurance Strategy is embedded into organizational ecosystem and is leveraged through the quality culture.

The entire quality assurance system supports the four main pillars of our integrative experience and includes processeses that support the development and the implementation of the quality assurance strategy.

Our quality assurance strategy is driven by our mission to provide relevant education. Four main pillars of our integrative experience are deeply embedded in our mission statement and reflected in our values and behaviours.

Quality Assurance & SSBM Geneva

The strategy itself is driven, nourished, and informed by different stakeholders, both internal and external. All shareholders, in particular students, faculty staff, administrative staff, alumni, boards, and any other party that has interest in supporting the quality assurance strategy, are included in the constant process of improvement.

Continuous improvement, as one of the key dimensions of our “integrative experience” cycle, is an important part of the periodical review of the relevance of the quality systems and leads to the adjustments of the system itself.

Improvement of our quality assurance system is enabled by self-assessment from internal shareholders and feedback from the external ones.

Promotion of the quality assurance system and its external visibility to various internal and external stakeholders is important, as the results of the periodical continuous improvements will help to demonstrate the quality approach when it comes to the strategic orientation of the institution.

Goals of SSBM Geneva’s Quality Assurance

Our vision of what we want to be and how we want to act is reflected in our goals that are achievable only by a constant focus on each and every one of them. The fulfilment of our goals is not in their completion, rather constant revision, and search for improvement in which all our shareholders are included.  

The Five Drivers of Quality Assurance

Integrative experience is at the core of our quality development. Our value proposition goes beyond mere educational offer. We aim at providing different aspects of the education that integrate technology with human driven experiential learning.

Our mission is supported by five main drivers that define the way we aim at fulfilling our mission and purpose and drive our quality assurance strategy.

Integrative experience of SSBM Geneva

SSBM Geneva’s quality assurance strategy is built on the foundations of the “integrative experience” and as such supports institution’s mission and vision.

Our integrative experience serves our shareholders by basing our mission on four core pillars and five drivers that make up SSBM Geneva Quality Assurance Strategy.