Research Areas

Research Areas

Research Areas

SSBM Geneva believes that rigorous academic analysis can provide practical solutions to complex business problems in society.

We aim at developing new insights and methodologies. This is a core purpose of our research. By engaging with industry partners, world-leading multinationals, SMEs and policy-makers around the world we are addressing key challenges for modern business.

SSBM Geneva through the faculty driven research convers a broad range of specialist research areas. 

Finance & Economics

We disseminate research to practitioners, policy-makers and academic colleagues to develop a more robust financial and econocomics ecosystem.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation and entrepreneurship are ate the core of what we do. Our research contributes to the ongoing digital transformation and the new inovative business models.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We look at the impact Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning have on the business and how these new paradigms are transforming the way the business is done.

Integral Security

We investigate the role and the impact of integral security on the environment, health and the business.


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