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Research Strategy

Research Strategy

Research Strategy

SSBM Geneva aims to deliver academic excellence by delivering innovative and impactful research spanning local, national, and global concerns.

The purpose of our Research Strategy is to enable and empower our students, researchers and all stakeholders that want to leverage our scientific contribution in order to carry out excellent research that competes at an international level and delivers impactful research.

Our research agenda will help us to grow in stature, reputation and influence and ultimately help our society to be a better place.

Our strategy is in line with our strategic plan and aims at ensuring seamless delivery of our vision for academic excellence that empowers people to shape the future.

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Research Vision

Our vision for research is to provide meanginful and impactful research outcomes by focusing on achieving significant increases in research quality and income among all of our stakeholders.

Our research-led mission will help us to seek for the business excellence across our core research areas that we focus on.

We commit to promoting the principles of integrity, diversity, and inclusivity in all of its activities.

We aim at achieving our research strategy by prioritising our research efforts by leveraging investments in technology, research resources and support structures.

Encouraging researchers to contribute in an interdisciplinary way and leveraging our research potential will be our key targets.

The unity of research and teaching will be at the core of what we do and our research will be applied in nature. The culture of teaching, learning and researching will be strongly promoted.

Strategic Aims

1. Our focus

We will deliver interdisciplinary world-class research by leveraging and building on our strengths. We will focus on relevant research and look to address emerging opportunities.

2. To deliver high-quality, impactful and relevant research

Our research outcomes will be supported by our investments in technology, research promotion, people skills and collaboration. Unity of research and teaching will be an integral part of our high-quality research outcomes. We will work on attracting top research talents that can contribute to SSBM Geneva research outputs.

3. Embrace researche culture

We will attract, support, develop and empower a diverse community of talented researchers and research students, enabling them to deliver world-leading research and innovation. We will foster a research environment that is inspiring, intellectually challenging, inclusive, collegiate, and promotes collaboration.

4. Collaborations

We will work toward leveraging research that has an immediate and applied impact on our society and community. Building new collaborations and partnerships either with the public sector, industry or other research inspired organizations will be our primary objective.

5. Research support

We will improve our technology, research resources and raise awareness on the research agenda. We will build on our existing capabilities to maximize research opportunities to provide new opportunities.