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The gallery is a place where you can see what is happening at SSBM. You can check video posts, interesting news, insightful interviews, etc.

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Symphony of Success at SSBM Geneva

Join us in orchestrating a future where creativity knows no bounds and success knows no limits. This is the symphony of success.

Graduation Ceremony Zagreb 2023
SSBM Geneva graduation 2023
it is always about YOU
Virtual Tour of Geneva Campus
SSBM Geneva Values & Behaviors
SSBM Geneva team - Behind the Scenes
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SSBM Geneva Values
About SSBM Geneva
New Campus 2022!
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Are you ready?
Are you ready?
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Are you ready?
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SSBM Geneva graduation 2022
Zagreb Instructional Site

As part of our ExperienceWithSSBM find out what our lecturer Pilar Cabral Majerović, ACC has to say about SSBM and her course “Empower Your Team(s)“. We look forward to welcoming Pilar Cabral Majerović, ACC for her next elective course “Coaching as a Leadership Style“.

As part of our ExperienceWithSSBM find out what our lecturer Domagoj Liposinovic has to say about SSBM and his course “Leadership“. 

SSBM Geneva Staff & Faculty
Online Learning Experience
Various Videos

Our President shares a message for SSBM’s prospective students and highlights the importance of continuous learning and educational excellence as well as our commitment to providing business expertise to our students. 

Laetitia Carlier, Executive Coach, shares some interesting insights about education.

SSBM Podcast: BizTalks