SSBM Library

SSBM Library

At the core of SSBM Geneva’s commitment to academic excellence is also its library infrastructure, providing students with a rich array of resources for both on-campus and online learning. The SSBM Geneva library system comprises both an on-campus facility and a digital repository, ensuring that students have access to a wealth of specialized materials to support their academic endeavors.

On-Campus Library:

The on-campus library at SSBM Geneva contains a collection of specialized books, journals, magazines, and annual reports. Students are warmly welcomed to utilize these resources during the institution’s business hours, fostering an environment that encourages deep research and academic exploration.

Online Library Access:

Recognizing the evolving nature of academic research, SSBM Geneva extends its library services into the digital realm. All SSBM Geneva students enjoy unlimited access to various e-libraries, with a notable inclusion being the EBSCO research library. EBSCO is renowned for publishing the world’s broadest range of management and science journals, along with a robust specialist collection covering engineering, applied science, and technology journals. This online resource empowers students with the flexibility to conduct research and access a diverse array of academic materials from any location.

Dedicated Librarian Services

To further support students in their academic pursuits, SSBM Geneva provides access to a dedicated librarian. Students can easily contact the librarian for standard librarian services, including assistance with research, guidance on navigating databases, and support in locating relevant resources. This personalized service enhances the overall library experience, ensuring that students have the necessary tools and guidance to make the most of the available resources.

In essence, SSBM Geneva’s library ecosystem seamlessly integrates traditional and digital resources, creating a comprehensive learning environment that empowers students to excel in their academic journeys. Whether on-campus or online, the library services at SSBM Geneva are designed to facilitate a rich and immersive educational experience, reflecting the institution’s commitment to fostering knowledge, research, and academic success.

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