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Welcome to the MBA Portal

The MBA portal will provide you with some first insights into SSBM’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, MBA students, its alumni, professors and industry experts.

A MBA (Master of Business Administration degree) is one of the most advanced degrees available to those in the field of business. 

SSBM MBA Program

SSBM’s MBA program was specifically designed to meet the busy schedule of working professionals by offering them full flexibility. The quality of the MBA program is often characterized by its faculty members, who come from some of the most prestigious universities and schools around the world. The MBA program contributes to professional development and various networking opportunities. 

MBA through Swiss Quality Education

Our MBA program was designed to follow the highest academic standards. We offer Swiss quality education through our top-notch online learning system combined with campus-based lectures that are delivered by industry experts and experienced PhD/DBA professors.


Who Are SSBM MBA Students?
  • Average Age35 Years
  • Work Experience7 Years in Average
  • International38 different countries

Join a selected and experienced group of classmates, grow together and build a strong network. 

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