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Summer Academy



July 2023

Takes place

International Students

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Tuition Fees

From 1.750 CHF


The SSBM Summer Academy hosts students from all over the world. Our camp offers exceptional educational excellence with a personalised approach at a stunning campus on the banks of Lake Geneva. Students enjoy the outstanding facilities, green oasis and amazing views that our premises offer.

All Students will be enrolled in a program of unparalleled fun and diversity with activities in the Swiss nature, water sports, mountain trips, team games and challenges, social events, excursions, dynamic business and leadership sessions which help them make the best of their summer and all the years to come.

Below you can find more information about 3 different programs that SSBM Geneva will provide.



  • 3 Different Programs
  • July 2023
  • SSBM Connect
  • Learn from experienced experts

Knowledge is Power


The best way to get involved is by acquiring more detailed knowledge. This way, you will be equipped to apply techniques not only to make a difference in your future academic career but also in your professional journey. This academy will help increase your awareness of the instruments available in the modern world, thus influencing others and helping make a direct positive impact.

Learn from the best


Our faculty is world renowned and experts in their fields. Join us to further develop your skills, knowledge and expertise in the business field.

Swiss Quality Education


Our Summer Academy will provide you with opportunities to advance your careers through understanding the world of business, developing job searching and decision-making skills.



     Swiss Youth Business Camp

     SSBM Swiss Youth Business Camp
    Education and Entertainment program.

    Dates: First week-from 3rd until 10th July
    Second week- from 10th until 17th July

    SSBM Intensive English

    SSBM Intensive English

    Dates: First week –  from 3rd until 10th July
    Second week- from 10th until 17th July
    Third week- from 17th until 24th July

    IT Summer Camp Diploma

    IT Summer Camp Diploma
    Dates: from 5th July-26th July
    Location: SSBM Geneva, Switzerland



    Tuition Fees

    ● SSBM Youth Business Camp. 
    Education and Entertainment program.
    FULL PRICE : 1.540 EUR per week.
    Please note that food and entertainment programs for the whole week are included in the price.
    ● SSBM Intensive English. 
    FULL PRICE : 1.500 EUR per 3 weeks.
    ● IT Summer Camp Diploma.
    FULL PRICE: 1.750 EUR.


    Early Bird Price – 15th March
    Spring Deal – 31st May
    Full Price – 1st June.


    All students will have an intensive program of activities and entertainment during afternoon, evenings and weekends. The program for the week will be posted and sent to students 2 weeks before their arrival to Geneva. All activities and excursions take place under the watchful eye of qualified staff.


    In addition, the SSBM team can offer additional private classes to all participants. The private lessons are in the morning from 8 a.m to 9 a.m. If you wish to obtain more information, please contact the Administration of SSBM Geneva.

    Summer Camp Ceremony.
    The Summer Camp Diploma Ceremony will take place on Sunday at 7 p.m. On this occasion, certificates are presented to students who have completed their courses. A prize is also awarded to the top student of the week.

    Take your career to a new level!

    Visa support

    If students require a visa to enter Switzerland, they are required to pay the total tuition fee in order to acquire necessary documentation. SSBM Geneva is able to provide an acceptance and invitation letter to the student for visa purposes. In case their visa is denied for any reason SSBM will return the payment after charging 10% of administrative costs. All students outside of Switzerland are required to have health & travel insurance from their home country prior to their arrival.
    For further information and support please email the program coordinator directly;

    Stella Kostyuk:

    Email: stella@ssbm.ch
    Phone: +41 22 508 37 63

    All activities and workshops are offered in English. It is recommendable to have at least B1 level both in writing and speaking.

    All meals are included in the package of the Youth Business Camp. Other participants or day camp students can have lunch for the price of CHF 25 for one day or CHF 125 for 5 days. Please buy some vouchers at the reception before 9 a.m.

    Join a selected and experienced group of classmates, grow together and build a strong network. 

    Still Wondering Why Study at SSBM?

    SSBM is a truly innovative and leading business and management school that aims at taking education to a new level!
    We aim at providing a superior learning experience that will have a direct impact on your professional development.

    With our unique programs you will strengthen your strategic visionefficiency and leadership to manage today’s organizations.


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