The Inspiring Journey of DBA Student Jonas Hjoernered at SSBM Geneva!

Blog > The Inspiring Journey of DBA Student Jonas Hjoernered at SSBM Geneva!

Meet Jonas Hjoernered, a dedicated and ambitious DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) student at Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva. In this testimonial, we’ll delve into Jonas’s remarkable experiences, achievements, and the inspiration he provides to the SSBM community.

Why did you choose to study your DBA at SSBM Geneva?

I landed in the decision to do my DBA at SSBM Geneva after carefully comparing multiple aspects of the program and matched those with my personal goals and life situation. Honestly the decision was rather easy, SSBM is a top ranked Swiss business school and a perfect milestone in my career.

What is your dissertation topic?

My dissertation topic is business strategy on luxury products.

Could you describe any specific skills or knowledge that you gained during your time at SSBM that have been particularly valuable?

Writing a doctorate dissertation has taught me to visualize the big picture and still pay attention to small important details. That I believe is the difference between a good and a great contribution to research.

How do you see SSBM’s approach to education aligning with the future demands of the business world?

SSBM is ranked in top 70 business schools in the world. The credentials speak for themselves. I know I speak for all DBA students when I say we are all proud to be part of the SSBM family.

If you were to recommend SSBM to aspiring students looking to excel in their careers, what would be your key selling points or advice based on your own experiences?

My recommendation is don’t wait, don’t hesitate, just go for it. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

Thank you Jonas, for sharing your experience!

Jonas Hjoerenered DBA Student Testimonial