Volunteering @ SSBM Geneva

Volunteering @ SSBM Geneva

Volunteering at SSBM Geneva is not merely an opportunity; it is a commitment to community impact and shared values. Rooted in the belief that positive change begins from within, the volunteering program at SSBM Geneva engages students, alumni, and faculty in a collective effort to give back to society.

Whether participating in local community projects, organizing charitable events, or contributing skills and knowledge to initiatives, volunteers at SSBM Geneva embody the institution’s ethos of social responsibility. Through volunteering, individuals not only enhance their leadership skills and cultural awareness but also foster a sense of unity that extends beyond the academic realm.

It’s more than a gesture; it’s a powerful expression of the SSBM Geneva community’s dedication to making a meaningful difference in the world.

Recent activities

  • SSBM organized Holiday Greetings to all children to sell and buy presents for children in Geneva hospital
    • During December 2023, SSBM students organized a commendable action to help sick children by organizing Holiday Greetings cards sale. With the collected funds, our students will buy presents that they will give to the children when visiting them in the hospital.