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Which MBA program is the right one (Geneva)?

Which MBA program is the right one (Geneva)?
Master of Business Administration

Geneva MBA program - Which one to pick?


Below is an overview of different MBA programs that we offer at our Geneva campus.

3 tracks* 3 tracks** 3 tracks** 3 tracks**
12 months 12 months 12 months 12 to 16 months
10 core courses
6 elective course
10 core courses
6 elective courses
10 core courses
6 elective courses
12 core courses
4 elective courses
Sept/Feb/Apr Sept/Feb/Apr Sept/Feb/Apr Sept/Feb/Apr
65-70% Campus
35-30% Online
35-30% Online
65-70% Campus
100% Campus 100% Campus
Geneva+Online 1 Week in
Geneva+ Online
Geneva Geneva
English English English English
Min. 60 ECTS Min. 60 ECTS Min. 60 ECTS Min. 60 ECTS
14.000 EUR 14.000 EUR 15.000 EUR 16.000 EUR

*Blended/Flex/Global/Executive have 3 tracks:

1. Global and International Management

2. Human Resource Management and

3. Global Finance & Banking

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Which diploma will I get after completing the MBA program?
    You will get “Global MBA” or “Executive MBA”.
  • Which diploma will I get after completing the Blended MBA?
    You will get “Global MBA” or “Executive MBA”.
  • How many ECTS points does the MBA bring ?
    You will get minimum of 60 ECTS points. Maximum depends on the number of electives courses you will take.
  • What is the duration of the Online/Blended or Flex MBA program?
    The duration depends on your motivation and speed in completing the courses. It can vary from 6 months to 12 months.
  • What is Flex MBA?
    With Flex MBA you will spend 1 week in Geneva taking different core courses. The rest of the MBA will be completed Online on our platform.
  • What is Blended MBA?
    Blended MBA gives you the flexibility to go Online and take some courses. However, this is just an option we offer – you are not obliged to use the Online method. Typically, students take 3-4 courses Online and the rest at our campus. 

Core and Elective Courses

Our unique program is composed of core and elective courses that deal with topics such as*:

• Big Data and AI
• Robots, People, HR and Management Issues
• Digital Transformation and Future of Work
• Change Management
• Culture of Transformation
• HR and Co-working Spaces

* The final list of available courses is subject to change.

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