About Our Faculty


SSBM Geneva’s faculty is the key to its success

Our faculty members are renowned experts in their respective fields and in close contact with the business world. With solid professional experience in business and consulting, SSBM Geneva professors take an applied approach toward shaping business practices and toward training today’s managers and the leaders of the future.


We collaborate with a number of renowned, top scholars around the world. We believe that knowledge comes from a mix of talented and highly skilled professors who gained important experience in an industry context.

We believe that the best learning experience comes from top lecturers that are able to spark passion for learning. SSBM Geneva’s international faculty is all about delivering top-notch knowledge and learning in a new and exciting way!

SSBM Geneva is a research-based business and management school with faculty from top universities around the world.

At SSBM Geneva we believe that the quality of an educational program is driven by the lecturer’s knowledge and experience.

At SSBM Geneva, students can benefit from a wide spectrum of teaching experts with diverse backgrounds, talents and cultures !