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SSBM Geneva offers Online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programs

The Online DBA program provides our students with the opportunity to make a significant contribution to both theory and practice in the field and develop professional practice at the highest level.

The doctorate degree in business will signify future employers your business proficiency as well as your commitment to both personal and professional growth. Having a DBA degree can open up many valuable business opportunities and advance your career.

The Online DBA program offers you full flexibility and support

Deciding to pursue a doctorate degree can be a very hard decision and an investment for the future. SSBM Geneva is fully aware of work and family commitments, which demands for full flexibility. Therefore, we have designed our programs to offer prospective students full flexibility and support as well as guidance from their assigned mentor throughout the doctorate journey.

Wondering which DBA program to enroll in? SSBM Geneva offers two DBA programs with a duration of two years

Online DBA Dissertation Track

Online DBA Research Track

Both of the DBA programs will allow you to advance your skills and techniques, open multiple career paths, develop leadership, boost your confidence, gain higher salary prospects, move ahead into the field of research and give you an entrepreneurial boost as well as a practical orientation.

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