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Interview with Matea Kos, MBA student at SSBM Geneva

Matea Kos, MBA student

SSBM Geneva places great importance on student feedback. Therefore, we continuously encourage our students to provide us with their feedback for quality improvement. Therefore, we asked one of our MBA students, Matea Kos to answer a couple of questions regarding her “Online Learning Experience” at SSBM Geneva.

How satisfied are you with your online learning experience at SSBM Geneva?

Data Analytics and Decision Making is the first course I decided to take as a pre-recorded online course. I have to express my full satisfaction. The concept is excellent, presentations are very clear and easy to follow. Exercises are also clear and very well described and the learning materials are very useful. The best benefits of the pre-recorded course are: the ability to pause the lecture whenever I need to and the possibility to listen to any lecture or exercise again if needed. Furthermore, I can watch the lectures whenever I want (independent of any prescribed schedule).

How satisfied are you with SSBM’s online learning platform?

Online learning platform is very user-friendly and simple to follow. I haven’t experienced any interruptions yet. I am very satisfied with the platform.

What are your thoughts on SSBM’s online lectures, both pre-recorded and Zoom lectures?

Both of the lectures are very well prepared, but I prefer the pre-recorded lectures because of the benefits I mentioned above (pause button is the best). Zoom lectures are also fine, but the pre-recorded lectures are definitely a better option for me.

Do the online lectures stimulate your learning?

Absolutely yes! As I said, I can watch the lectures whenever I want to (while there is not any prescribed schedule). Therefore, I choose to watch the presentations when I am fresh, motivated and free of any disruption. I can choose my learning tempo and repeat some presentations if I think I need to. I definitely like it!

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