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Educational Disruption to Student Satisfaction

Knowledge and information have never been easier to reach. Imagine the future in which one may connect within a couple of clicks to the very...
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Domenico Ippolito Student Testimonial

Domenico Ippolito has successfully completed the MBA program at SSBM Geneva and is now pursuing his DBA degree.
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Why Study in Switzerland?

Why Study in Switzerland, one of the most innovative countries in the world? Even though it might seem tiny on the map, Switzerland is a...
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Lisa Tamilia, Executive DBA Student Testimonial

SSBM’s Online Executive DBA student Lisa Tamilia highlights the benefits of the Executive DBA program at SSBM Geneva. “I am very impressed with my experience...
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Elisa Simeoni, Online MBA Student Testimonial

SSBM’s Online MBA student Elisa Simeoni highlights the benefits of studying online at SSBM Geneva. “SSBM offers high level education with experienced professors and effective learning. The...
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