SSBM Introduces a New Platform: SSBM Connect At SSBM we are committed to continuously provide educational excellence and our expertise in business education through our innovative cutting-edge technology and our high-quality learning experience. Thus, our goal is to encourage diversity and global connectivity between our students, faculty and business partners. To further improve the “global connectivity” aspect, we are excited to announce that we launched “SSBM CONNECT” – a unique...
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Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM) offers a Blended MBA Program The true meaning of blended learning is an approach that combines online learning with traditional campus-based learning. It requires physical attendance as well as virtual attendance, where time management is the crucial factor for successful completion. One of the key factors for the blended learning approach is state-of-the-art technology, that offers students a personalized learning experience and a...
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Swiss School of Business and Management officially opens its innovative and creative campus in Zagreb, Croatia The new campus of SSBM is located in the near centre of Zagreb, Croatia. The main idea of the carefully designed campus was to create a perfect combination of an innovative and creative space for both the students and the lecturer. The new campus is dominated by SSBM’s main colors and the idea was...
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Higher Certificate in Business Management A Higher Certificate in Business Management is the perfect base for preparing yourself to work in the competitive business environment. It will introduce you to typical business subject areas such as project management, financial management, marketing and business strategy. The Higher Certificate will allow you to develop the essential skills needed for any business such as, effective problem solving, critical thinking, team work and effective...
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Top-Up MBA Designed to Meet the Needs of the Competitive Business Environment Top-Up MBA is aimed at professionals who already hold an internationally recognized and accredited certificate or diploma. Top-Up degrees are offered in various different fields all around the world, however, Business and Management is one of the most common ones. Top-Up degrees are carefully designed programs that offer a specifically designed curriculum to fit the needs of today’s...
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