SSBM Geneva Alumna Takes Center Stage at Swiss Digital Gipfel Event in Zürich!

NEWS > SSBM Geneva Alumna Takes Center Stage at Swiss Digital Gipfel Event in Zürich!

In a momentous occasion for the Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva (SSBM Geneva), former Doctorate student Dr. Kathrin Kind-Trüller recently graced the stage as a distinguished speaker at the highly anticipated Swiss Digital Gipfel event held in Zürich.

Picture copyright: Liliana Lafranchi

The Swiss Digital Gipfel event, known for bringing together leaders from business, politics, academia, and government to discuss challenges and opportunities of digitalisation in Switzerland and beyond, served as an ideal platform for Dr. Kind-Trüller to showcase her expertise and insights.

Dr. Kathrin Kind-Trüller is chief data scientist AI A. Director Nordics at Cognizant and SSBM Geneva Alumna. Her contribution was on the symbiosis of business strategy and AI architecture – the cornerstone for visionary success.

For the fifth time, the annual Digital Gipfel Schweiz brought together personalities from the Swiss and international digitalisation scene to share groundbreaking insights on AI. AI has the power to reshape the world as we know it. This year’s summit was dedicated to unraveling the immense potential and the accompanying risks of this cutting-edge technology.

Other speakers were for example, the VP of Engineer at Google and co-inventor of Bard and Google glass. The billionaire and founder of the software company Palantir. The CEO and CIO of Zurich, Mario Greco and Ericson Chan.