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Jonas Hjoerenered DBA Student Testimonial

The Inspiring Journey of DBA Student Jonas Hjoernered at SSBM Geneva!

Meet Jonas Hjoernered, a dedicated and ambitious DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) student at Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva. In this testimonial, we’ll...
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Admission Secrets: Navigating the Fall Application Process with Ease

Imagine you’ve made the exciting decision to enhance your skills and knowledge by enrolling in a program at SSBM Geneva, but you’re unsure about the...
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🎧Biztalks – Exploring Leadership: Prof. Dr. Leif Erik Wollenweber🎧

SSBM Geneva is happy to announce the release of our latest podcast episode featuring the newly appointed President, who offers a glimpse into his vision,...
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Unlocking Real-World Success: David Ramirez’s MBA Journey at SSBM Geneva

Embarking on a remarkable journey through the halls of Swiss School of Business and Management, David Ramirez discovered the true power of practical education. In...
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SUMMA CUM LAUDE Recipient Interview with José Ramon Bronet, DBA

Our DBA Summa Cum Laude recipient José Ramon Bronet, DBA took some time to answer a couple of questions regarding his DBA experience at SSBM...
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Student Spotlight!

Celebrating a Spectacular SSBM Geneva Student Achievement! 🎉🌟 We’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on one of our outstanding students who recently achieved an incredible...
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🎓 SSBM Geneva Success Story

🙌 Proud moment! One of our talented students shared their incredible DBA journey with us, and we couldn’t be prouder! 🌟 At SSBM Geneva, we...
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Is an investment in Lionel Messi profitable for Inter Miami?

Article written by prof of SSBM Geneva Dario Silic, PhD In June 2023 the Inter Miami’s billionaire co-owner Jorge Mas announced that Argentinian football star...
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Discover the Power of Connectivity!

🌐 Discover the Power of Connectivity! 🤝 Join our vibrant community and unlock endless opportunities. 🚀 Network with industry leaders, engage in enriching discussions, and...
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SSBM Geneva MBA Graduate!

🎓🎉 Congratulations to our recent MBA graduate! 🌟 We are delighted to extend our heartfelt congratulations to one of our exceptional students who has successfully...
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Prioritising Mental Health: Wellness Tips for SSBM Geneva Students

At SSBM Geneva, one of our key values and behaviours is student first! One of the things that we should all be aware of is...
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Euronext Stock Exchange: leading stock exchange in Europe?

Article by professor Dario Silić, PhD. At SSBM Geneva, Professor Silic teaches students about stocks issuance on primary and secondary markets. Additionally, Prof. Silic teaches...
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Student testimonial

A huge thank you Ana, a current MBA student studying with us in Geneva, for sharing her touching testimonial! It is fantastic to hear about...
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ISL session June

SSBM Geneva, Where Sports Law Education Meets Inspiration! We are thrilled to share some amazing moments from our recent International Sports Law session at SSBM...
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Sustainability Certificate 50% off

We are excited to announce the remarkable outcomes of our sustainability initiatives during Sustainability Week. Collectively, we have made a profound impact by saving over...
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Student Testimonial

We are proud to provide unparalleled experiences that go beyond the classroom, empowering our students to excel in the global business landscape. We extend our...
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Life is a climb… But the view is great!

Our dear Caueh Vidal had the incredible opportunity to visit Glacier 3000 and symbolically, this can be compared with the journey that we all embark...
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