Student testimonial

At the SSBM Geneva, we believe in empowering individuals to excel in the rapidly evolving landscape of business and technology. Our commitment to providing cutting-edge education is exemplified through our partnership with Aco Momčilović, President of the Global AI Ethics Institute, in offering the “AI Adopter in Business Diploma” program. Today, we are thrilled to share a testimonial from one of participants of the program, Nina Sebecic Crnolatac, Senior Executive where she highlighted her transformative experience in this program:

  • How satisfied are you overall with your experience in the AI Adopter in Business Diploma program?

Overall, I am quite satisfied with my experience in the AI Adopter in Business Diploma program. It effectively delivered the content I expected, bringing the topic of AI closer to me. As a result, I now feel encouraged to engage in self-learning and keep abreast of news and trends in the AI landscape. This has also motivated me to utilize AI tools both in my professional and personal capacities.

  • Did the program help you develop any specific skills or knowledge that you’ve been able to apply in your professional life?

Undoubtedly, the program has equipped me with valuable skills and knowledge that I can apply in my professional life. I now consider myself AI literate, with a deeper understanding of the rapid developments in the industry. The program has empowered me to stay informed and leverage AI tools more effectively. Additionally, learning about the legal aspects of responsible AI use, along with insights into potential misuse and security considerations, has been invaluable. Practical examples spanning various domains such as marketing, HR, and business analytics have further enriched my skill set and may significantly improve my efficiency and productivity. Applying this knowledge in my professional life will surely enhance my proficiency as an advanced AI user over time.

  • Would you recommend this program to others interested in AI adoption in business? If yes, please specify why.

Certainly, I would recommend this program to individuals who share similar aspirations as mine – those who are keen to become AI literate and are willing to invest in continuous learning and development. The program offers a comprehensive understanding of AI adoption in business, covering essential aspects ranging from legal considerations to practical applications across diverse domains. Its emphasis on staying updated with the latest trends and fostering a culture of continuous learning makes it particularly beneficial for professionals seeking to harness the potential of AI in their respective fields.

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