Unveiling Success Stories: SSBM DBA Student Babu Ram Naidu Ramachandran Shares Insights

Blog > Unveiling Success Stories: SSBM DBA Student Babu Ram Naidu Ramachandran Shares Insights

In our latest student testimonial, Babu Ram shares insights into his transformative experience at SSBM Geneva, highlighting how the DBA program’s unique emphasis on evidence-based research has enriched his skills and propelled his career forward. Babu Ram’s story is a testament to the exceptional caliber of individuals within our academic community.


Babu Ram Student Testimonial
  • What motivated you to pursue a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program at SSBM Geneva?

I was driven to enroll in SSBM’s DBA program because I wanted to take my profession to the next level. My goals were aligned with SSBM’s reputation for providing a demanding and internationally acclaimed DBA program and its dedication to creating a vibrant learning atmosphere. My excitement was further stoked by the idea of interacting with prominent faculty members and working with a broad group of professionals. The focus SSBM places on research and practical application is exactly what I’m looking for—a significant effect in the business and leadership fields.

  • How has the DBA program at SSBM Geneva contributed to your professional development and career goals?

The DBA program at SSBM has been a transformative journey for my professional development. The comprehensive curriculum and interactive learning experiences have equipped me with advanced knowledge and skills crucial for navigating complex business challenges. I chose to focus on Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship a.k.a. Strategic Entrepreneurship. This is relevant to my future career plans to pursue a business venture startup and also to prepare myself for taking up key management and executive leadership roles.

The program’s emphasis on evidence-based research has directly contributed to my enhanced decision-making abilities, along with the strong credentials. The mentorship provided by experienced faculty members has been instrumental in refining my research focus, ensuring that my contributions are not only academically rigorous but also relevant to contemporary business issues. As a result, I am confident that the DBA program at SSBM has positioned me well for leadership and entrepreneurial roles and has significantly advanced my career goals. 

  • Can you share specific examples of how the curriculum at SSBM Geneva has been relevant and applicable to your work or industry?

I am PMP-certified and a domain expert in project management and biomedical engineering within the medical device sector. Despite government and accelerator initiatives, I have observed a high rate of failure or dormancy in many firms and startups in my own personal observations. To challenge this situation, I want to use my DBA knowledge and experience to improve startup success rates by using sound business planning and smart decision-making.

The program’s emphasis on refining management and strategy consulting skills aligns with my R&D expertise. Focusing on strategic entrepreneurship in startups and founders, the DBA equips me with advanced research techniques and a structured thought process, enabling the development of evidence-based strategies. The DBA program at SSBM is relevant to me because it provides a proper structure for comprehensive personal and professional growth. This is demonstrated by the curriculum’s direct application to my professional setting.

The DBA program at SSBM is relevant to me because it provides a proper structure for comprehensive personal and professional growth.

Babu Ram Naidu RamachandranDBA Student
  • As a DBA student in Singapore, how have you found the balance between academic commitments and other aspects of life, and what advice would you offer to prospective students considering the program at SSBM Geneva?

Balancing academic commitments and other aspects of life as a DBA student in Singapore has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. SSBM’s flexible scheduling and supportive environment have played a crucial role in managing this balance. As it requires a lot of self-directed research and reading, it does take a lot of effort to maintain the level of focus and consistency. I have to juggle my time and energy between family commitments while developing a new business venture in addition to this DBA.  Without the opportunity of this online program, it might have been impossible for me to pursue my goals and aspirations. Thanks to the quality of the program, the support of the academic SSBM staff and mentors, I have been able to pull through so far.

Instead of taking this program purely for academic benefit, it will be more beneficial to the student to delve into the program knowing what they want, be actively engaged, stay well-informed, and motivated to take their career to the next level as per their individual desire and vision. Prospective students should also leverage the support systems provided by SSBM.