Inside the MBA Journey: Ivana Zrno’s Exceptional Student Experience at SSBM Geneva!

Blog > Inside the MBA Journey: Ivana Zrno’s Exceptional Student Experience at SSBM Geneva!
Ivana Zrno Student Experience at SSBM

We’re thrilled to share the remarkable journey of Ivana Zrno, an outstanding MBA graduate and accomplished Sales Manager and Brand Developer. Ivana’s decision to share her experience brings us immense joy and pride. We’re delighted that she chose to open up about her time at SSBM, and we can’t wait to let you in on her inspiring story.

Student Experience at SSBM

Ivana Zrno recently shared her reflections on the MBA program, expressing her satisfaction and surprise at the program’s depth and relevance.

I knew that the MBA journey with SSBM would be great, but it exceeded my expectations. The courses are not only interesting but also highly applicable in both professional and private spheres. Covering topics such as psychology, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge insights into the business world, SSBM’s program is truly ahead of its time.

Ivana ZrnoSales Manager and Brand Developer

Diversity: A Pillar of Strength

One of the most impactful aspects, according to Ivana, was the diverse and inspiring group of colleagues and friends she acquired during her studies. “Learning not only from professors but also from colleagues with different backgrounds has given our generation a unique perspective and strength.”

Formation of a New Community

The Graduation ceremony was a culmination of not only academic achievement but also the formation of a new community. “We made friendships and expanded our private and professional network. That is, they said, the most important part of any study. We are now a new community happy to help, collaborate, and growIvana remarked.

As the SSBM community celebrates Ivana Zrno’s accomplishments, it stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and the lasting impact of dedicated individuals on their academic journey.