Student Testimonial Spotlight: SSBM Student Explores AI Influence in Luxury Sector!

Blog > Student Testimonial Spotlight: SSBM Student Explores AI Influence in Luxury Sector!

Meet Karina Vazhitova, a dynamic researcher and industry professional currently making waves at the prestigious Christian Dior Couture.

Having embarked on a transformative academic journey, Karina has seamlessly integrated her hands-on experience at Christian Dior Couture with her academic pursuits, culminating in a groundbreaking dissertation titled “AI and Data-Driven Brand Decisions: Influence on the Competitive Advantage in the Luxury Goods Industry.

Join us as we delve into her insights, experiences, and the fascinating world where fashion, technology, and strategic decision-making converge.

What motivated you to pursue a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program at SSBM?

When I discovered the exceptional program at SSBM in Geneva, I was captivated by its perfect blend of high-quality study materials and practical insights that align seamlessly with my aspirations for research. As a full-time working professional, I appreciate the flexibility of the program and its self-paced structure, enabling me to seamlessly combine work and studies and make the most of the experience.

What specific aspects of the luxury goods industry motivated you to explore the relationship between AI, data-driven strategies, and competitive advantage?

The luxury goods industry has always captivated my interest, with a passion that consistently drives my exploration in this dynamic field. In today’s world, the fast-paced evolution of technologies demands that companies continually refine their strategies to stay competitive. As technology continues to shape consumer preferences and market dynamics, staying ahead requires a proactive approach in leveraging AI for insights and decision-making in the ever-evolving landscape of luxury goods.

What advice would you give to other students who are interested in pursuing research at the intersection of AI and business strategy?

Embrace a multidisciplinary approach, combining AI and business principles. Stay updated on new trends, attend conferences and webinars, collaborate with experts, and cultivate curiosity to explore more in this rapidly evolving intersection.

How has your experience at Christian Dior Couture influenced your research?

Being the sole representative from SSBM selected for the prestigious Women@Dior x UNESCO program for the 2024-2025′ Cohort is a unique honour. This exclusive mentoring initiative, with only 120 women from best educational backgrounds chosen globally annually, aligns with my commitment to empowerment, enrichment, and contributing to a sustainable future. 

My interest in LVMH has provided invaluable insights, fueling my research exploration. I am keen on continual learning from industry leaders and deepening my research pursuits. 

How has the DBA program at SSBM contributed to your professional development and career goals?

The SSBM DBA program has significantly elevated my strategic thinking and leadership skills, aligning perfectly with my career goals.

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