🎉New SSBM event in Vietnam!

NEWS > 🎉New SSBM event in Vietnam!

We are celebrating the “Privileged Elite – Customer Experience in Reality” event organised and run by our partner Vietnam institute, SSBM Việt Nam!

👤 We had the honor of hosting Mr. Nguyen Huy Tam, an esteemed Customer Experience expert and Amazon best-selling author of “Through Asia: A Whisper from the East.”

🎙️ Guiding the event with finesse was Mr. Dang Tien Dung, CEO and Trainer at Mindtalk Talent and an MBA student at SSBM Vietnam.

📚 During the insightful sharing session, Mr. Nguyen Huy Tam presented perspectives on customer experience, citing case studies from global giants like Starbucks to local Vietnamese businesses.

📈 Participants gained a profound understanding of building superior customer experiences and meeting customer expectations to drive business growth.

🔥 The engaging Q&A session sparked meaningful discussions and the networking event facilitated valuable connections among attendees.

🙏 A heartfelt thank you to all participants and partners who contributed to the success of this event!