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Welcome to the DBA Portal

The DBA portal will provide some first insights into SSBM’s Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) program, DBA students, its alumni, professors and industry experts.

A DBA (Doctor of Business Administration degree) is one of the most advanced degrees available to those in the field of business. 

SSBM DBA Program

SSBM’s DBA program was specifically designed to meet the busy schedule of working professionals by offering them full flexibility. The quality of the DBA program is often measured through the quality of the mentor. That is why at SSBM you will be accompanied by only top quality mentors that we carefully selected from some of the most prestigious universities and schools around the world.

DBA through Swiss Quality Education

Our DBA program was designed to follow the highest academic standards. We offer Swiss quality education through our top-notch online learning system combined with campus-based lectures that are delivered by industry experts and experienced PhD/DBA professors.

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How can gamification help in the human resource management context?

Written by dr. Mario Silic The pressures associated with the speed of competition, including the digitalization of workspaces, are increasing the need for modern organizations to drive employee satisfaction and engagement. Integrating gamification into the workplace has been identified as a possible strategy to promote...
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Sports and Development in Ghana

Written by Willem Alexander Coleman Sports and Development in Ghana For far too long, all we have done as a nation is to merely talk about the potential of sports and how our glory days in sports are long gone. They say money solves all...
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Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights: An Economic Perspective

Written by Jason (Tan Tai) Truong, DBA Student Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights: An Economic Perspective The economic perspective of enforcing Intellectual Property Rights. The concept of the Intellectual Property Rights is referred to the protection of the product of the intellect of the humans which...
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Crisis Management and Leadership Challenges in the Context of Pandemic Crisis

Written by Olivia Zajakala, DBA Student Covid-19, known as Corona Virus, that broke up in 2020, is according to Mitroff, “one of the worst crises in every sense” (Mitroff, 2020). As crisis continues, business leaders admit that they have never experienced a situation like this...
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Internal Controls or Staff Integrity: What Safeguards an Organization Assets

Written by Isaac Gblee Internal control is often said to be a set of procedures or measures put in place within an organization to prevent fraud, misuse and abuse of an organization resources. According to the COSO 2013 framework, internal controls have five integrated components...
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The naked truth of small business in covid-19 crisis

Written by dr. David Annan It is always easy to have a dream of starting a small business, but many entrepreneurs fail to understand the long-term commitment and management of the business. It is always easy to have a dream of starting a small business,...
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Pandemic and its Lessons

Written by Prof. dr. Velimir Srica Chinese word CRISIS consists of two ideograms: the first means DANGER, the second means OPPORTUNITY. Most people perceive the current pandemic as a DANGER manifesting itself in its worst forms. It causes drastic behavior change, quarantine and social isolation....
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Who Are SSBM DBA Students?
  • Average Age42 Years
  • Work Experience14 Years in Average
  • International51 different countries

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5 Reasons to Pursue a DBA

Poursuing a DBA program will bring many positive aspects to your career. The overall objective of the DBA program is to…

What is a DBA degree and why to pursue one?

This program allows business professionals to enhance their career, broaden their knowledge and gain greater expertise in business.

Online DBA Program

An Online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program allows students to have full flexibility while working and studying at the same time.

Top 10 benefits of a DBA Program

If you are wondering about the reasons and benefits of pursuing a DBA degree, we highlighted a couple.

Online vs Campus DBA: Difference

When comparing online versus campus-based education there are numerous points that the student should consider. 


There are always a number of questions that arise regarding the DBA program. We have answered all frequently asked questions.


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