Doctor of Business Administration

5 Reasons to Pursue a DBA

5 Reasons to Pursue a DBA
Doctor of Business Administration

5 Reasons to Pursue a DBA

Pursuing a DBA program will bring various positive aspects to your career. The overall objective of the DBA program is to become an expert in a certain area of a management field as a wider discipline and to strengthen your leadership skills by exploring a specific research field.

Reason #1: Be different compared to a typical MBA graduate

Currently, there are many MBA graduates with whom you will be competing tomorrow for a new job or simply to get a better position. The DBA will be a great competitive advantage that you will have compared to an MBA graduate as not only the DBA will offer you a more academic and scientific perspective of how to approach the complex business environment, but more importantly it will give you new tools and methods that will enable you to acquire expertise in a specific area of management or any similar discipline.

Reason #2: You will acquire advanced skills, methods and techniques 

One of the critical aspects of the DBA program is that it will help you to enable various new advanced skills, methods and techniques that companies quite often neglect when they approach the market. For example, you will get acquainted with new academic methods such as qualitative or quantitative approaches that you will be able to easily apply in the business context. 

Reason #3: A DBA will open multiple career paths

With the DBA you will become an expert in the field that will bring you a set of management and decision-making skills that may qualify you for senior-level leadership positions and new career opportunities. You could also embark on careers as applied researchers or consultants.

SSBM’s DBA will prepare you to lead in business, government, education, non-profit, and healthcare industries with a thorough understanding of the challenges facing these sectors and the practical skills required to meet those challenges.

Reason #4: Salary and Prestige

With the new knowledge that you will acquire throughout the DBA program, you can also expect a higher salary. It is well-known that in many countries and companies, the pay scale for the employees that have obtained a doctoral degree is much higher. 

Reason #5: Professional Challenge and Growth 

Professional and personal growth is something that each person that starts the DBA program is also looking for. You will be challenged intellectually and professionally to become an expert in a specific area of study.