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Geneva is an international, multicultural and multilingual city which invites many foreign workers and students. Due to its growing popularity and relatively limited size, finding a place to live in Geneva can be sometimes challenging and difficult.

The Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva provides students with good services both from an academic and social perspective.

Our team will support you and guide you with your search by providing information, advice and assistance with local administrations and régies (housing agents).

When planning on moving to Geneva, please always remember that Geneva is one of the most expensive cities in the world. As a student, you will need a minimum of 700-800 CHF for a room and 1.200 CHF  for a single accommodation. Geneva does offer many different possibilities for accommodation that you can explore according to your preferences and budget. But if you want to avoid the risk of not finding accommodation in Geneva, please start your search 4-5 months in advance.


SSBM Geneva offers different housing options. We highly recommend you start looking for accommodation in Geneva as early as you can. Please, contact SSBM Student Services for more information and accommodation support.

Below you can find some options: 

Apartment Rental

You can choose the option of renting an apartment in Geneva. Please, note that this is quite a costly option but you can always share an apartment/studio with other SSBM students. Our Business School has a lot of agent partners that will be happy to assist you in finding a perfect apartment for you.

Student Residency

There are a lot of student residences in Geneva which offer different types of accommodation. The price normally starts from 600 CHF and onwards. Please, note that you have to apply a minimum of 6 months in advance in order to get any place there. Student residencies are the best place to meet and make friends with other students from Geneva. That is why our

 Student Services Department will be happy to provide every student with a list of our partner student residencies in Geneva and support in everything they might need.

Host Family Stay

Another great option as an accommodation option is to live with a Host Family. This is the best option for those who would love to experience the Swiss way of life and learn languages as fast as they can. Please, contact SSBM Geneva’s Student Services to get more information on how to find yourself the best Host Family in Switzerland.

We hope all the above information will greatly help, to some extent, you in finding the perfect place to live in Geneva. Our city is beautiful and incredibly fascinating. We would like to believe that experiencing all of its distinctive features can be an unforgettable wonderful experience for anyone.

You will benefit from our single point of contact service, and get detailed information on housing alternatives, not to mention that we are here for you to guide you throughout the stay.