Agreement with Erste & Steiermarkische bank

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One of the basic pillars of the SSBM Geneva is the cooperation with prominent industry leaders, for mutual benefit in terms of inter-institutional exchange of expertise and education of experts in a wide range of related activities. To this end, we are very pleased to announce that a cooperation agreement has been concluded with Erste & Steiermärkische bank plc

Founded in 1819 as the first Austrian savings bank, Erste Group went public in 1997 with a strategy to expand its retail business into Central and Eastern Europe. Since then Erste Group has grown through numerous acquisitions and organically to become one of the largest financial services providers in the Eastern part of the EU in terms of clients and total assets.

Today’s Erste & Steiermarkische Bank plc originates from the former strong regional banks – Riječka banka and Bjelovarska, Trgovačka and Čakovečka banka, and has been operating under that name since August 1, 2003. Today it is a modern bank that ranks third in the market in terms of assets and is part of the international Erste Group, one of the largest financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe. From year to year, it achieves quality financial results, continuously investing in digital development, which enables innovation and creativity in approaching clients.

The cooperation between SSBM and Erste & Steiermärkische bank d.d. it is conceived in several directions, and for the purpose of the fundamental goal of the quality of studies, ie the expansion of opportunities for our students. Erste & Steiermärkische bank plc will provide expert support regarding the need to define new curricula or modify existing ones, in order to achieve competencies in accordance with market needs, especially in the segment of corporate security and information systems security. With this partnership, the base of renowned partners has expanded, which will be able to offer quality field teaching or professional practice. Representatives of Erste & Steiermärkische bank plc team, as guest lecturers, will also participate in the teaching of certain subjects at the university, which is certainly an added practical value.