SSBM was awarded various educational awards and was recognized as leader in innovating new and different ways of providing superior learning experience.

SSBM as #1 leader in innovation

Silcom company, a leading financial services company, ranks SSBM as #1 leader in providing innovative financial educational programs.

Comeleon Award

SSBM receives award from Comeleon for its contribution to the educational field

Primavera Award

SSBM is ranked #6 best private school in Switzerland by Primavera

Innovative MBA Program

SSBM is recognized as leader in most innovative MBA program by MBA association

EduGroup Award

SSBM is awarded #2 place by EduGroup for the most innovative MBA program in Eastern Europe

LMS Award

SSBM is awarded #2 place by top school ranking for the best Learning Management System

eLearning council

Elearning council awards #6 place to SSBM for innovations introduced in the elearning field.

BIstra Award

BIstra, leading automotive company in Central Europe, awards #4th place to SSBM for best DBA program

SSBM delivers top notch Swiss quality education.


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