Career center

Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to advance your careers through understanding the world of business, developing job searching and decision-making skills.

Our Goal

  • Educate students and alumni on the process of career development, planning and implementation.
  • Support students and alumni in their professional research, identification, search and integration of personal and professional career goals.
  • Connect students and alumni directly with employers and continuing educational opportunities, including internship opportunities for students.
  • Teach students and alumni effective career navigation strategies, skills and techniques.
  • Inform students about career opportunities, labor market trends and workplace paradigms.
  • Collaborate with colleagues, administrators, colleges, alumni, and employers on projects that enhance the career opportunities of students and alumni.
  • Assist all students in their decision-making processes 
  • Identify a network of employer contacts for student internships and future employment opportunities by developing effective long-term relationships with employers.

If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to contact the career center using the email

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