Charting a Course to Excellence: Insights from an SSBM MBA Graduate

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Ahmed Lateef’s journey is a testament to the impact of SSBM’s Executive MBA program, where academic excellence meets real-world application. In this testimonial, we delve into Ahmed’s story, exploring how SSBM’s educational path has propelled him towards new business ideas. 

With unwavering determination and the knowledge gained at SSBM, Ahmed has not only honed his leadership and strategic skills but has also embarked on the remarkable journey of founding his own consultancy company.

Why did you choose to study your MBA at SSBM Geneva?

I chose SSBM Geneva for its global reputation and its location in the heart of international organizations.

Can you share how your experience in the Executive MBA program at SSBM has influenced your career path?

SSBM’s Executive MBA program enhanced my leadership and strategic skills, helping me transition into founding my own consultancy company.

What specific skills or knowledge gained during your time at SSBM have proven to be valuable in your responsibilities related to security and advisory roles at the United Nations?

The program’s focus on strategic management has been invaluable as it provided me with very useful skills regarding Leadership and Change Management and leading large teams.

SSBM values networking and connections. Have you found that your SSBM network has been beneficial in your career, and if so, how?

SSBM’s network has been beneficial during the studying journey; diverse connections have provided insights into my studying.

As someone who successfully completed an Executive MBA whilst working at the UN, what advice or insights would you offer to students aspiring to combine business education with careers in international organizations?

Advice for combining business education and work: Balance theory and practice, network actively, embrace adaptability, and never stop learning.

Thank you Ahmed for sharing your experience!