AI for Managers

Introduction to AI for Business is a course aimed at business professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs, who want to get a better understanding of the main topics and questions related to AI. It is intended to make them curious, but also inspire them to research further, and explore the possibilities of AI in their business environment, companies, and organizations. We aim to ask some deep questions, but also provide the audience with the broad specter of approaches and factors that are influencing AI development but are also affected by it. Participants will have a chance to discuss different consequences from, economic, social or geopolitical, and ethical. It is the first course that provides dedication to AI that is not tech-oriented and is not for people that are working on software development, data science, and similar jobs.

About Instructor: Aco Momčilovć, MBA

Born in Zagreb in 1980. After finishing Psychology on FFZG he went on Executive MBA on Cotrugli Business School. Further education is NLP Leadership Academy, and EU Funds Project Manager and Integral School of Organizational Development.
First position in Human Resources was in Ledo and after that he spent 4 years working in L’Oreal Adria. Next two years he was HR Manager in Billa (part of REWE Group) and after that position he worked as HR consultant on different projects (from headhunting to rightsizing and organizational change) in different industries. For 3 years he was on the position of CHRO in Rimac Automobili.
Additionally, he is lecturing on different business schools on the different HR topics, Corporate Culture and other business subjects.
From the beginning of 2018 he is owner of the FutureHR company, working as an HR and Business Expert/ Consultant for different clients. Covering projects of Company Mission and Vision, Company Branding, Organizational Design, Recruitment, Educations, Compensation and Benefits, Business Counselling and Mentoring, Management Development.
He is Co-Founder and Co-Director of Global AI Ethics institute established in Paris.
In his free time, he is President of MBA Croatia, association which is gathering all MBA alumni in Croatia, and president of business-humanitarian organization POZA. He is also part of the Meeting G2 project – which is connecting business people from Croatian diaspora.

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