Digital Gatekeepers

The main goal of this course is better understanding of the pros and cons of the emerging technologies and accompanying regulation, encouraging critical and out of the box thinking, share of the knowledge and experience and creative ideas for the development of new use cases.
Students will learn and better understand development of technologies and how regulation could affect development of technologies including the possibility to use so called:” regulatory sandboxes” in order not to deteriorate the development of technologies.
Students are expected to actively participate in dialog and exchange opinions i.e. basically to fully open their minds and provoke discussion.
It is up to students to create own use case without any boundary in the use of technologies or the niche where it could be applied.

About Instructor: Martina Dragičević, MA, EMBA

Born in Zagreb, Croatia, where has finished primary, secondary school, as well as the University of Law. In 2011 she finished Masters in EU Competition Law, Kings College, University of London. In 2020 she finished the Executive MBA at the Swiss School of Business and Management, Geneva as the best student of the generation.

Martina has around 20 years’ experience in the sector of electronic communications and 3 years in energy sector.

In her career she has been primarily involved in management of smaller or bigger teams responsible for the sector specific (ex ante) regulation and general (ex post) competition regulation by covering wide range of the business supporting function – both wholesale (upstream) and retail (downstream) markets within sector of electronic communications, digital and media services. Additionally, she is responsible for the relationship with governmental institutions (public affairs) both on national and Bruxelles level and effective usage of EU funding. She actively participates in the work of the industry associations – GSMA, Croatian Employers Association, AmCham, CRO AI Association, Croatian Chamber of Commerce and cooperates with the Advantage Austria.

Currently she works in A1 Croatia as a Director of Regulatory Affairs and EU funding. She usually introduces herself as a “para engineer” as regulatory framework always keeps pace with the development of new technologies. Her passion is life-long learning and disruptive approach that supports development of new business models.



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