Is ESG just a new buzz word or a new business paradigm? Answer is easy – because ESG definitely stands for a new business paradigm that rapidly changes the perspective of entire business world, and which, in addition to the financial figures, introduces the other type of figures as well, (which are are equally important).When we speak about ESG and sustainability, we are talking not only about the responsible operations and efficient corporate governance, but also about:
– new regulations defining the broad scope of ESG and sustainability,
– integration of sustainability to your strategic business plans,
– organisational changes in companies,
– own carbon footprint,
– sustainable finance,
– non-financial reporting and
– overall transformation of business operations.

About Instructor: Ines Borčić, MBA

Ines Borčić is Head of Sustainable Development Department at OTP banka d.d. Ines finished her law degree at the university of Zagreb, subsequently finishing her MBA degree here at the Swiss School of Business and Management.

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