Financial Management (FM03)

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The Financial Management course consists of a few basic sections of key importance for Corporate finance like: basic theoretical concepts of modern corporate finance; rates of return on money market and capital market, cost of capital, risk measurement; capital structure; company valuations; short and long terms cash flow projections; Discounting etc (FCF, NPV, IRR, PBP, WACC, EPS…) etc.

The course deals with traditional financial instruments and modern corporate analysis of securities on primary and secondary capital markets. Special focus will be put on common and preferred stocks, different bonds and different types of loans. The goal of this course is, by using inputs like spread, rating, credit worthiness, Beta, cost of capital, yield, maturity, variance, standard deviation etc. to learn students how to apply such and other finance indicators in practice in foreign capital markets, in order to enable students to successfully understand and use concepts of modern corporate finance.

Furthermore, emphasis will be put upon financial engineering in such a way that the student acquires knowledge necessary for creating a financial model in excel using all relevant financial excel formulas, and implementing them in the analysis of accounting reports such as the balance sheet, profit and loss account, and cash flow reporting, with the goal of calculating the rates of return of a specific investment (profitability index, NPV, IRR, etc) for the shareholders and debt providers. At same time, students will learn how to calculate the average cost of capital (WACC) and to valuate a company through dividends, FCF and multiples through different capital structures, scenarios analysis, break even analysis and sensitivity analysis. Many different small and big excel cases from different foreign capital markets will be used to learn students the way Financial Management should work in practice.

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