I as a Leader

The objective of this workshop is to work on who you are as a leader, alternatively also on who you’d like to be as a leader. This is a straightforward process: “how do I see myself & what do others see in me”. Between the way, I see myself and the way the others see me there might be a gap. If so, what is it telling me? What can I learn from this process? What do I choose to do about it?

About Instructor: Pilar Cabral Majerović

Pilar has more than 20 years of vast managerial experience within commercial and customer related positions, in international environment. Her multicultural background took her to studying and working in different countries, ranging from US and Japan to Europe. She started her professional career as a journalist in her home country France, before she moved to Croatia, where she started a new career in international sales. That lead to positions such as director of Sales and Promotions at TCom Croatia, Head of CRM at Valamar Hotels& Resorts, and leading corporate sales at Berlitz. Pilar is an Erickson International Certified Coach and ICF, ACC certified. She currently works as a full-time freelance business Executive and Team coach, facilitator and trainer.



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