Human Side of Leadership

In this course students will become familiar with different ways of exercising leadership, their own strengths and weaknesses, and how they can best work with others in a leadership context. They will learn and apply leadership skills in a hands-on practical way that encourages them to challenge their own beliefs and assumptions about what constitutes leadership. This course offers a comprehensive review of contemporary issues and perspectives on leadership, including multidisciplinary and systems-oriented approaches as well as classic theory, moving to the examination of evolving contemporary beliefs. The emphasis is on application of concepts in actual leadership settings and situations. Topics include development of leadership theories, personal assessment and development, values and ethics, motivation, power, followership, group dynamics, multiculturalism in leadership, conflict resolution, performance excellence, and the change process. Through a process of readings, self-discovery, group observations, and case studies, the student will identify, observe, analyze, and apply new leadership behaviors. This course is based on the premise that each student will face a variety of leadership challenges in life. How these challenges are met, whether as a formal leader or a member of a team, can have a significant impact on an organization and on one’s career. Learning more about leadership will help every student meet their leadership challenges.

About Instructor

Saša Petar, PhD

Saša Petar, Ph.D. is the author of numerous professional articles and 32 business books including “Intellectual Capital” (2021), “Supply Chain Management (2020), “The Mystery of a Lost Customer 2.0” (2019), “Mistake Management” (2018), “The Power of Successful Presentation” (2017), “Successful Meetings” (2013), etc.

He worked at the representative office of 3M Company, The Croatian Chamber of Economy, The Business School of Zagreb, Končar and Munja Batteries company. He currently works as a business advisor, mentor, business trainer and negotiation advisor.

He is a professor at University North, Croatia and has also lectured at several faculties and colleges in Croatia). He was a guest lecturer in Finland, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Russia and Switzerland. Also, he is a permanent guest professor at Beirut Arab University in Beirut, Lebanon.

He has also conducted numerous trainings in management, sales communications (presentation, negotiation and sales skills), team communication and management (resolution of conflicts and motivation), change and problem solution management (crisis management) for various companies (Allianz, Billa, Coca Cola, dm, Exxon Mobil, Grawe, IBM, Japan Tobacco Co. Nexe Group, Petrol, Raiffeisen Bank, T-Com, etc).


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