Strategic Marketing

Course helps understanding the basics of economics decision making, pricing, and markets. Helps to develop thinking about strategic tactics that a company can use to gain & maintain market power.

About Instructor: Meskina Olesya, Ph.D

Olesya Meskina has 14 years of professional experience in Teaching & Development. She worked for several international companies.

She obtained her doctorate degree from the University of Basel in 2013, focused on History and International Relations. In 2005 she has also received her doctorate degree in Social Science from Voronezh State Pedagogical University, Russia. She was a participant of the academic leadership programme Global Perspectives 2012 (University of Basel) and Women into Industry 2011 (Novartis International & University of Basel).

She is holder of several academic grants. In 2008 she was privileged to be selected as a recipient of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship. Her experience as a motivating speaker is unparalleled consisting of a broad range of successfully presented topics in numerals educational and corporate venues around the world. She is an author of two monographs and numerous papers in the field of social science, marketing, economic.


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