Digital Café #1 with Damir Gavran

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Make sure to register for the First Digital Café with Damir Gavran on February 22, 2022 at 10-11 AM (CET).

In this unique webinar Dr. Christian Richter, Global Google head for Automotive, will lead us through the changes in online retail business using data insights from different surveys and data sources. Additionally, Nike White, Global commercial director from Sophus3 a leading web analytics company will explain the importance of analytics and data driven decision making process in any company. As both Christian and Nick are close to the automotive industry, expect interesting details and best practices from industry many people like to talk to.

We kindly ask you to register HERE directly to participate in SSBM Geneva’s first Digital Café and stay tuned for other upcoming webinars.

As an addition to the first webinar, we are also introducing the new certificate program in Customer Data Driven Marketing and Analytics that you can check HERE.