Digital Café by Damir Gavran

What exactly is SSBM Digital Café with Damir Gavran? 

Digital Café with Damir Gavran is a monthly digital webinar organized by Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva. 

Digital Café’s idea is to create an online knowledge platform, where Damir will host global executives and professors from the digital and customer experience industry. The events will be a mixture of lectures, interviews, panels discussions and Q&A sessions. 

Topics that will be discussed are: Digital, Customer Experience, Data, Customer Data Portals (CDPs), Metaverse, AI, Predictive Analytics, Marketing automation tools, future trends, best practices etc

SSBM Geneva’s webinar moderator and producer, Damir Gavran has international work experience as a Sales and Marketing Manager or Head of Digital & CRM at European headquarter of Opel-Vauxhall Europe. Additionally, Damir worked at Hyundai Motors Europe as a Head of Customer Experience Innovation. In these functions he has collaborated with numerous global digital industry experts. 

His career has included responsibilities for data driven marketing, martech, media, digital innovation, online aales, web & CRM platforms and optimization of the digital & sales processes. His work experience is backed up with IEDC Bled EMBA, MIT Sloan & Columbia Business School Postgraduate Diploma in Digital business and a FSB Zagreb Masters in Mechanical Engineering. 


February 22nd, 2022 at 10-11 AM CET: Importance of Data in Online Retail

Digital Café #1: Importance of data in online retail acceleration

Webinar Date and Time: February 22, 2022 at 10-11 AM (CET). 

In this unique webinar, Dr. Christian Richter, Global Google head for Automotive, will lead us through the changes in online retail business using data insights from different surveys and data sources. Additionally, Nike White, Global commercial director from Sophus3 a leading web analytics company will explain the importance of analytics and data driven decision making process in any company. As both Christian and Nick are close to the Automotive industry, expect interesting details and best practices from industry many people like to talk to.

Speakers and Panelists:

Dr. Christian Richter
Director Global Automotive at Google

Nick White
Commercial Director at Sophus3


Damir Gavran
CX & Digital Professional & SSBM Faculty

Recording: Importance of Data in Online Retail

You can find the first Digital Café  Importance of Data in Online Retail Acceleration recording HERE.


March 22nd, 2022 at 11-12 AM CET: Change in Marketing Paradigm - Analogue to Digital

Digital Café #2: Marketing agencies and change in Marketing Paradigm driven by technology, new customers behaviour and needs

Webinar Date and Time: March 22, 2022 at 11-12 AM (CET). 

Our speakers, Pietro Leone, European executive from the top marketing agencies and Marija Klaic, Senior marketing manager from Opel – Vauxhall Europe will take us through changes in marketing industry from agencies and clients sides in the last 10-15 years. Marija and Pietro will answer questions like, how marketing paradigm changed, what are the new skills and knowledge marketing professionals need to adapt to survive at the new digital world, and how today best companies embrace digital and Customer experience strategies as the main pillar in running the business.

Speakers and Panelists:

Pietro Leone
Former CEO of WPP Marketing agencies & current CEO at Lens Marketing

Marija Klaic
Senior Marketing manager Opel – Vauxhall Europe


Damir Gavran
CX & Digital Professional & SSBM Faculty



Recording: Change in Marketing Paradigm - Analogue to Digital

You can find the second Digital Café: Marketing Agencies and Change in Marketing Paradigm Driven by Technology, New Customers Behavior and Needs HERE.


April 26th, 2022 at 4-5 PM CET: Data Driven Marketing Strategy and Customers Data Platforms (CDP)

Digital Café #3: Data driven marketing strategy and Customers Data Platforms (CDP)

Webinar Date and Time: April 26, 2022 at 4-5 PM (CET). 

Our speakers, Filip Lauweres, Zeta Global VP Operations and Customer Success EMEA and Dr. Jochen Toepfer, Acxiom SVP Professional Services EMEA will take us through one of the most important Digital transformations every business is facing today. It is about using data to improve customers satisfaction and experience providing to customers real time personalized communication at 1-on-1 basis. Our top 2 speakers make a perfect match to take you through a business transition that involves usage of right technology, change of internal processes and people change management, including business integrations within companies environment and set ups.

Speakers and Panelists:

Filip Lauweres
VP Operations and Customer Success EMEA
Zeta Global

Dr. Jochen Toepfer
SVP Professional Services EMEA

Damir Gavran
CX & Digital Professional & SSBM Faculty

Recording: Data Driven Marketing Strategy and Customers Data Platforms (CDP)

You can find the second Digital Café: Data Driven Marketing Strategy and Customers Data Platforms (CDP)  HERE.

May 10th, 2022 at 12:30 -13:30 PM CET: Masterclass Digital Transformation - Automotive

Masterclass with Alain Visser, CEO Lynk & Co International Digital Transformation in Automotive Retail

Webinar Date and Time: May 10th, 2022 at 12:30-13:30 PM (CET). 

The automotive industry is shifting gears. Global disruption, technological advances, and changing consumer behaviours are altering the auto industry on many levels all at once. The traditional business model of designing, manufacturing, servicing, and financing vehicles continues. Yet at the same time, the automotive industry is racing toward a new world, encompassing electric vehicles, connected cars, and new sales business models like mobility-as-a-service, which are taking advantage of advanced technology solutions. That’s where industry experts say the automotive industry needs to focus going forward. Swiss School of Business and Management, Geneva has the privilege to host at May 2022 Digital Cafe – Masterclass, Alain Visser CEO of Lynk & Co. Alain had many leadership positions in the Automotive industry, from General Motors Chief marketing officer, Opel / Vauxhall Vice president Sales, marketing and aftersales to Volvo Senior Vice president Marketing, Sales and Customer services. Alain will take us through Digital transformation in automotive retail where Lynk & Co is setting new industry standards and attracting many buyers to embrace mobility vs ownership of vehicles. Lynk & Co is a global mobility brand owned by Geely Holding Group, Geely Auto and Volvo Car Corporation Launched in Berlin, Germany in 2016, the focus of the brand is a hassle-free mobility based upon month to month mobility membership. As the Volvo brand is also owned by Geely, Lynk & Co cars share platforms and different resources.

Producer and moderator: Damir Gavran

Recording: Masterclass Digital Transformation - Automotive

You can find the masterclass Digital Café: Digital Transformation – Automotive  HERE.

May 18th, 2022 at 4-5 PM CET: Is Metaverse Going to Disrupt the Internet World?

Digital Café #4: Is metaverse going to disrupt the internet world?

Webinar Date and Time: May 18, 2022 at 4-5 PM (CET). 

Besides Facebook changing a name to Meta, Facebook announced it’s going to hire 10,000 people in Europe to develop the “metaverse”. Microsoft announced (Jan, 2022) to acquire for almost 70 billion USD Activision Blizzard, one of the leaders in gaming entertainment. That will be another building block for the metaverse development. Expectations are that many will follow.
Is this the beginning of a new Virtual era that will replace the Internet we know? How ready ordinary people are to use headsets to enter into the new digital virtual world? And what about Social? If the last generation is about sharing, is the next social being about participating? How the gaming industry influences developments and growth of metaverse, and last but not the least, what is the future of virtual reality business meetings and education?

Our speakers, Paul Wiedmeier, Meta / Facebook, Client partner director and Michele C. Fuhs, Circle4x, CEO and founder will take us through recent developments at metaverse and talk about the future, but also share examples how many people already use metaverse in daily life and work. Special attention will be on education in the metaverse and here we have real examples coming from Circle4x that provides training and education to many people at the moment. Our recommendation, before this webinar, is to watch the Steven Spielberg movie “Ready Player One”. If you join us we are sure you would enjoy this futuristic lecture and discussions.

Speakers and Panelists:

Paul Wiedmeier
Client Partner director
Meta / Facebook

Michele C. Fuhs
Founder and CEO

Damir Gavran
CX & Digital Professional & SSBM Faculty

Recording: Is Metaverse Going to Disrupt the Internet World?

You can find the Digital Café: Is Metaverse Going to Disrupt the Internet World? HERE.

June 21st, 2022 at 4-5 PM CET: Mercedes Benz story & how to pitch Customer experience (CX) to your CEO

Digital Café #5: Mercedes Benz story & how to pitch Customer experience (CX) to your CEO

Webinar Date and Time: June 21, 2022 at 4-5 PM (CET). 

In the June 2022 edition of Digital Cafe, Damir Gavran SSBM Geneva faculty (Data driven marketing certificate program and Digital transformation MBA program) will take you through the basics of Customer experience, explaining what it is and how it benefits organization. This time SSBM will have the great pleasure to host Digital Cafe speakers from one of the greatest global automotive brands – Mercedes Benz. 
Going into more details, this masterclass will teach you business storytelling for CX innovators. CX Leadership Advisor Markus Stauffenberg and Mercedes me Store Manager Marco Gehrig will give you insights and inspiration from the business reality of CX innovations in corporations like Mercedes-Benz and share their winning strategies for the implementation of successful CX innovations.

Speakers and Panelists:

Markus Stauffenberg
Co-Founder Experience One AG, CX Leadership Advisor

Markus is an entrepreneur, executive coach and strategic advisor in the areas of experience design and digital transformation. With a background in design and economics Markus worked with CX innovation teams from various industries – Mercedes-Benz Volkswagen, smart, Deutsche Bank, Danone, Bosch and IBM. He is co-founder of Experience One – a specialist in helping global brands use new technology and human insight to create better customer experiences.

Marco Gehrig
Manager Mercedes me Store
Mercedes-Benz AG

Marco Gehrig has been shaping the e-commerce strategy of Mercedes-Benz for more than 15 years. As head of the Mercedes me Store, he is responsible for the web store, the app and the in-car store, paving the way for a global marketplace.

Damir Gavran
CX & Digital Professional & SSBM Faculty


Recording: Mercedes Benz story & how to pitch Customer experience (CX) to your CEO

You can find the Digital Café: Mercedes Benz story & how to pitch Customer experience (CX) to your CEO  HERE.