Student Engagement in Digital Transformation at AUTO@2030

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Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry

In today’s rapidly changing environment, companies need to enhance digital transformation and take advantage of the emerging opportunities. For example, the automotive industry is being greatly influenced by the digital age as customer expectations impact companies’ strategies in order to stay up-to-date with the new trends. Moreover, digital transformation has allowed the automotive industry to increase interactivity and engagement with the customers as well as to reduce the complexities associated with car services. As such, technology has drastically transformed and improved the automotive industry in order to stay innovative and develop new capabilities. Therefore, it is crucial for the automotive industry to understand the changing customer demands and offer digital and quality service to its customers as discussed at the AUTO@2030 Adria convention last week.

SSBM Students Participate at the AUTO@2030

SSBM Geneva students, Ivana Halec and Zvjezdana Kezele participated at the AUTO@2030 Adria convention where they spoke about the advantages and benefits of studying at SSBM Geneva as well as they highlighted the importance of digital transformation and innovation. One of the mandatory subjects at SSBM Geneva is Digital Transformation and Innovation as we believe that this is crucial for today’s fast-changing world. Therefore, connecting our students with industry experts as well as involving them with conferences and events is one of our main aims.

Ivana Halec, SSBM Student at AUTO@2030 Adria
Digital Transformation at SSBM Geneva’s Programme

Zvjezdana Kezele, Risk Manager at IMPULS – LEASING D.O.O mentioned that “the main benefit of studying at SSBM Geneva is that the classes take place over the weekend (Friday afternoon and Saturday) as well as there is a possibility of taking the courses online. All of the lectures are pre-recorded, which allows students to listen to them all over again. The programme is intensive, however, due to the implementation of digitalization into the programme the students always have the possibility to follow the schedule promptly“.

Zvjezdana Kezele, SSBM Student & Risk Manager