Business Unveiled: Dream Bubble’s Lecture at SSBM Geneva!

NEWS > Business Unveiled: Dream Bubble’s Lecture at SSBM Geneva!

The Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM) welcomed Dream Bubble to its Geneva campus for an enlightening lecture for our students. Adriana Pena de la Riva, Co-Founder & CEO of Dream Bubble, shared valuable insights into their groundbreaking business model, which revolves around creating personalized AI-generated children’s stories.

Personalized Stories through AI

Dream Bubble‘s approach combines advanced artificial intelligence with creative storytelling to offer a truly innovative product in the children’s book market. During their presentation, they showcased how their AI algorithms are capable of tailoring stories to the individual preferences and developmental needs of each child.

dream bubble ssbm presentation

Dream Bubble’s team emphasized their commitment to education. They explained how their stories are designed to be not only engaging and entertaining but also educational. Their stories aim to foster imagination, encourage reading skills, and impart positive values.

Q&A Explores Future Vision

The lecture was followed by an engaging Q&A session where the audience had the opportunity to delve deeper into Dream Bubble’s technology, content creation process, and their vision for the future of entertainment. The Dream Bubble team openly discussed the challenges they face, particularly in ensuring age-appropriate content and striking the right balance between technology and human creativity.

SSBM is delighted to have hosted Dream Bubble, a trailblazing company that is reshaping the landscape of children’s literature through the fusion of artificial intelligence and storytelling. The event provided students, faculty, and attendees with valuable insights into the intersection of technology and creativity in the realm of education and entertainment.