Empowering Business Excellence: Highlights from Việt Nam SSBM’s Event

NEWS > Empowering Business Excellence: Highlights from Việt Nam SSBM’s Event

Our esteemed partner, the Vietnam Institute, Việt Nam SSBM, recently hosted a highly successful event on September 28, titled “Privileged Elite – Enrich Your Life, Expand Your Horizons.” This remarkable program drew a full house, with MBA students, organizations, and distinguished special guests in attendance, all guided by the capable host, Dang Tien Dung, the CEO of Mindtalks Talent. The event also benefited from the practical insights of two seasoned speakers in the field of sales: Mr. Dang Tuan Tien, the CEO of Vietnam Startup Coaching, and Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhuong, Sales Director at Vietceramics. Notably, both Mr. Dang Tien Dung and Mr. Dang Tuan Tien are alumni of our renowned Global MBA Program.

These speakers, recognized not only for their industry expertise but also for their remarkable track record in leading companies to maintain existing customer bases and successfully attract new clients, delved into innovative and distinctive sales techniques relevant to the competitive landscape of today’s business environment. The discussions placed particular emphasis on the crucial role of delivering exceptional service quality before, during, and after a sale, as well as the methods to assess a customer’s capacity to invest in a product.

Looking ahead, SSBM Vietnam is committed to continuing its series of periodic workshop sessions under the Privileged Elite banner. These workshops will cover compelling and practical topics in business and management, equipping participants with the tools to apply these insights within their organizations. This, in turn, will enable them to foster stronger relationships and chart a course for professional growth alongside SSBM.